Career Placement Center

Since 2013, the Career Placement Center has had a job placement percentage ranging from 90-95% with our graduating seniors.  Annually, over 70 companies come to recruit our students for management and internship positions for hotels, restaurants, onsite foodservice, casino/gaming, technology, meeting & events, and more!

Click here (Spring 2017 Recruitment Calendar) to view our current recruitment calendar for the Fall 2016 semester.

All companies that come to campus host an information session the evening prior to their interviews.  If you are scheduled to interview with a company it is mandatory for you to attend these sessions. All session are open to the public.  If you are new to the major, we encourage to attend as many as possible to learn more about the companies that come to hire our graduates!  Business attire is required.  Click here (Professional Dress Code Requirements) for more detailed information.

We work hard to make sure you have the opportunities available for you to be successful in your future career, however we do understand that life happens.  We hold our standards high with the Career Placement Center and model those standards after what you will see in the workplace after graduation.  Please note that information sessions are REQUIRED if you are scheduled for an interview with that company.  We also require 48 hours notice for cancelling a scheduled interview.  Failure to abide by these posted rules will result in removal from Grad Leaders for the remainder of the semester.  Read more details here (Penalty for Missing Interview or Information Session.)

Helping You Plan for the Future

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