GradLeaders Users Guide


Access the following website:

New Users – Registration: If you are not a current user, click on “Click here to Register!” and follow the directions on that page.

    • Click on the “Click here to Register!” link.
    • Complete all sections and click on the Register button. Required (*) fields are marked with an asterisk.
    • Make sure that you have checked the box indicating that you understand the penalties for missing information sessions and interviews.
    • Click on the Submit Profile button.

*Please note, administrative approval is required to gain full access to this site.  Please allow up to 48 hours for approval.

Existing Users: Log into system using your Username and Password
Update your profile-

    • Put your cursor over My Account and select My Profile.
    • You will see sections containing Personal Information, Demographic Information, Skills, and Additional Information.
    • Click the [Edit] tab at the top of the page to update information. You will also see an [Edit] link next to each section if you would like to jump to a specific section to update.
    • Carefully go through each section and complete all of the fields making sure to click on the Save button. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

     Upload your documents-

  • Put your cursor over My Account and select My Documents.
  • Click on the [Add] link.
  • Click the Browse button to find and select the correct document.
  • Give your document a name.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • Do not upload cover letters to GradLeaders. They are not required.

Qualified Schedules:
In our system you will only be able to apply to schedules that you are qualified for under the Qualified Schedules menu.

    • Put your cursor over Interview Schedules and select Qualified Schedules.
    • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position and how to apply. If this is a Preselect schedule, then you will be requesting to be interviewed. If this is an Open schedule, then you will be allowed to choose an open interview timeslot.

Viewing Your Activity:

  • Put your cursor over My Account and select My Activity.
  • There are 2 types of activity that you can view:
    • Referrals – These are resume referrals that you’ve submitted to an employer’s job, our office has submitted on your behalf, or an employer has downloaded your resume.
    • Schedules – The Schedule Activity shows any interviews, information sessions, or waiting lists that you are signed up for. You can also see any Preselection Activity that is still pending for you, under the Preselection Activity section.

Accessing Mobile Site:

  • Go to on your smartphone
  • Click the “Share” icon in your mobile browser
  • Choose the “Add to Home Screen” option – this will create a shortcut to access this site on your smart phone home screen.
  • Give this shortcut a name and click “Add”

For any questions, please contact Maria Kim at or 814-865-8426.

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